achievement Since its inception in 1987, the ERA Consulting Group has provided expert advice on product development and regulatory affairs, specialising in biopharmaceuticals. ERA is committed to maintaining the level of scientific excellence to which our clients are accustomed. Consistently adding value to our clients' projects and helping to achieve corporate goals are our goal.

Our mission to add value to a client's project can be achieved in a variety of ways. Our contribution may be in expediting the time to marketing authorisation of a product by integrating our resources with the client's own team. More often than not we bring creative ideas to the table, based on our experience, which provides a new perspective for the client. In general, however, our input will be to identify potential problem areas and to provide solutions, thus preventing costly delays in your project.

Regulatory affairs services are provided by consultants in a variety of organisational structures, ranging from groups within the large international CROs to a loose consortium of individuals who work from home. The ERA Consulting Group differentiates itself from both ends of that spectrum, providing a unique, competent and totally dedicated service to the biopharmaceutical industry, with an excellent group of permanent employees, working as a team within the Company's own state-of-the-art facilities.