History of ERA

Founding of the product development and regulatory affairs consulting group in Germany, that subsequently became ERA; this was the first such consulting group in Europe, dedicated to biopharmaceutical products
The consulting group plays a major role in the approval of one of the first major biotech products to be assessed under the EC Concertation Procedure, as well as being involved in a considerable number of national and Multistate procedures
The consulting organisation becomes ERA as a result of a management buy out of the business; the consulting group moves into dedicated facilities in the town of Walsrode, conveniently located in the triangle between the north German cities of Hamburg, Hannover and Bremen
ERA's UK subsidiary founded in London, in response to the establishment of the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA), the rationale being ERA's specialisation in biologics, for which the Centralised Procedure through the EMEA is mandatory
ERA's US subsidiary, ERA Consulting (USA) LLC, founded in Charlottesville, VA (subsequently moved to Washington, DC); at this time, ERA's business came overwhelmingly from US companies, reflecting the predominant position of the US in biotechnology
ERA Consulting Group (Australia) Pty Ltd incorporates in Melbourne, VIC, as a holding company for ERA's activities in the Pacific Rim region; ERA Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd founded in Brisbane, QLD, as the group's operating company in Australia
ERA purchases and refurbishes the former London Gas Museum, to provide a larger facility for UK consulting operations as a result of growth of the team, as well as offering improved logistic capabilities
ERA Consulting (Australia) Pty becomes a member of the Queensland Clinical Trial Network (QCTN), an initiative of the Queensland Government, as the network's regulatory experts, and is invited to co-locate at QCTN's office facilities in Brisbane
ERA purchases a new facility in Washington, DC, to allow for expansion of US operations at a convenient location close to Union Station and the Capitol, as well as providing a base in the nation's capital for US Biologics Regulatory Services LLC (US-BRS).
On the basis of ERA's expertise and experience in companion diagnostics and biomarkers, this becomes formally launched as a distinct service, in response to the introduction of regulatory procedures in the USA and Europe for the assessment of biomarkers